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Designer Biography & Philosophy

I have been interested in fiberwork for most of my life.  I started doing plastic canvas crafts when I was 5 years old, and when I was in third grade, I begged my mother to teach me how to do counted cross-stitch.  In fifth grade, I taught myself how to crochet from a book, and throughout high school I made patches for my jeans, headbands, and little purses using the crochet hook.

I didn't learn to knit, however, until 2001. My childhood friend since sixth grade, Mark,  tried to teach me how to knit during one of his visits. Unfortunately, I was a slow learner. After he left, I picked up some teach yourself to knit books and stumbled my way through them. Although I could read knitting patterns, I started playing with my own designs very soon thereafter.

I started teaching others how to knit, including starting a knitting club for fourth- and fifth-graders at the elementary school I teach at in a south Atlantan suburb.  This necesitated learning a lot about knitting in general, so I could help the students when they made mistakes that I hadn't made.  Teaching others how to knit inspired me to create patterns that were well-written, while possibly teaching a knitter new techniques.

Design Philosophy
I like to think of my designs as "smart." Smart as in inspired by patterns found in math, science, and nature. Smart as in using good technique and technical details. Smart as in well fitting and wearable.

My designs are inspired my math, science, and the world around us. I adore using texture in my knitting. Whether an all over texture or over a concentrated area, I like the rich depth that texture adds to a garment. I use math and science patterns and natural textures as inspiration for my knitting.

I think that an important part of knitting is using good techniques. Mindful of this, I write my designs with an eye for detail. For example, I use paired increases and decreases, and I describe the ratio used to pick up stitches. I do not make use of techniques simply to have a "Technical Marvel of a Sweater," but to enhance the fit and look of the garment. I don't want only experienced knitters to feel they can knit my designs—I want a somewhat hesitant knitter to read my instructions and know that he or she can knit it because I give them enough guidance to do so.

I want my designs to fit. I consider whether the wearer would layer the garment, what season they would wear it, and where they would wear it, among other things. I consider the design features I want the eye drawn to; I design my armholes, necklines, and finishing details with respect to the desired feature. I aim for sleek lines and flattering shapes.

Finally, I want my designs to be wearable. I tend to use classic fibers that will hold up over repeated use. I generally design with classic shapes that can be worn for years. I want my patterns to be pulled off of the shelf and worn.

I aspire to excel in the creation of classy knits that will encourage people to enjoy knitting. Furthermore, I wish to educate future generations of knitters so they, too, can discover the joy found in making something with their own hands.

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