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Finding Lehigh Rainbow Twine

February 2008 Update:

Here are some possible substitutes that people on Ravelry have used:
Anchor Magicline (cotton)
Noro Daria (cotton/rayon)
Needleloft Plastic Canvas Yarn (nylon)


I have been informed by a visitor that the rainbow twine had been discontinued. I can only suggest that you try the neon twine or call your local boating, sporting, or hardware store to find some similar twine.

A few people have asked me where I found the Lehigh Rainbow Twine used in the Dog Collar and Leash pattern. I bought it at Home Depot, which is a chain of stores in the United States. Their website has a store locator page.

You can also substitute other nylon twine if needed. Any thin, nylon twine of approximately 1/16 inch or 1-2 mm diameter is what you want. The Lehigh Rainbow Twine is labeled a #15 weight, but I truly have no idea if that's an American thing or something standard in the nylon twine world.

You can find #18 (slighter thinner) twine in bright neon colors as well. I have never shopped from that store and don't know how they are.

Feel free to email me again if you need more help finding this twine and thanks for your interest.